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We know that buying a home is a complicated process. Here are a few tips to help navigate some of the DOs and DON'Ts of the mortgage process. 


DO get preapproved before looking for homes. Be sure to take your time to complete the application as completely and accurately as possible

DO make sure to hire a professional Realtor

DO think about your personal budget for cash to close and monthly payment

DO create a “needs and wants” list for your Realtor

DO communicate openly and honestly with your Loan Officer and Realtor

DO remove any credit freezes before submitting your application

DO consider signing up for www.optoutprescreen.com and www.donotcall.gov to reduce unwanted credit offers

DO provide all required paperwork right away to avoid issues with underwriting

DO consider downloading a camera scanner app to make sending paperwork easier

DO stay in contact with your Loan Officer and Realtor

DO notify us if your salary or other compensation changes from what is noted on your loan application

DO notify us if you plan to move funds from one account to another. Provide a “paper trail” on all transactions

DO keep documentation (“paper trail”) on any large deposits into your account: copies of all paperwork necessary to prove a financial transaction, including all checks, deposit slips, loan paperwork, forms to liquidate assets, etc – no cash

DO keep copies of all pay stubs, bank statements, and other important financial documentation that you receive before the closing

DO make sure to be diligent about your credit. Make all payments on time and keep credit card balances low

DO be aware that the lender will conduct a final verification of employment to make sure nothing has changed

DO be aware that the lender will conduct a final credit inquiry check to confirm no new accounts have been opened


DON'T change jobs or take on a new position without consulting us

DON’T change pay structure at current job

DON’T retire, quit, or give notice to your employer

DON’T take vacation or leave the country during the process

DON’T change your legal marital status. Getting married or divorced during the process will change certain underwriting requirements

DON'T acquire any additional credit lines or loans. Buying a car, appliances, or other large purchases can have a negative impact

DON'T co-sign with anyone to obtain a line of credit or make a purchase. It will show up on your credit report as an additional debt

DON’T run up credit cards or take any cash advances

DON’T pay off any collections or charge-off accounts

DON’T close any credit accounts

DON’T consolidate credit cards

DON’T spend any extra funds without consulting us

DON’T make any large deposits that can’t be fully documented in accordance with mortgage guidelines – no cash deposits

DON’T borrow any money

DON’T transfer money around or close bank accounts

DON’T obtain and/or deposit any funds other than payroll deposits without first discussing with your loan officer. This includes any possible gifts, loan repayment coming back to you, cash on hand, etc

DON'T negotiate your contract with an allowance and expect to get money back at closing. An allowance can be used to pay closing costs and/or prepaids